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User Guide

See the topics below for using and writing scripts.

Release Notes

This contains all the release notes for each release thus far.


This pages contains a high level description of the features in the language, who and what the language is for, and the goals and problems that fluentscript addresses.


Explains how to embed and use fluentscript in your .NET/C# code. And also how to configure the fluentscript interpreter to run in different ways.


How to use the desktop command line executable application ( fs.exe ) to run fluentscript scripts.


High-level overview of FluentScript features, eg. functions, control-flow

Data Types

All the datatypes that are currently supported in the language.


Functions and how to create / call them.


Current list of all the plugins that are provided out-of-box. These fluentscript interpreter can be configured to optionally use these plugins. Many of the plugins enhance the language by providing new features to the language and / or providing more fluent/english-like syntax to do various things.


One of the main features of the language is to be able to run un-safe code. A goal of the language is optionally enforce limits in the code, one such example is limiting the number of loops that can be run so users can not write an infinite-loop.


Domain Specific Languages can be easily built using fluentscript. This page lists all the possible ways to build DSLs using FluentScript features.


Fluentscript has basic support for modules. Please refer to page above.

Developer Guide

For developers interested in understanding the architecture and writing extensions to the language, see the topics below.



Tool to autogenerate some documentation off the source code. This applies only to plugins.

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