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Plugins Registration

first post: emreeren wrote: Hello; Since it re-register all internal plugins in Parse method i...

latest post: emreeren wrote: Sorry I was constantly checking src\FluentScript folder instead of...

Building for .NET 3.5

first post: jmptrader wrote: It's possible building of FluentScript in .NET3.5 with VS 2008 . ...

latest post: kishore_reddy wrote: sorry, only .NET 4.0 and after are supported.

mapping function

first post: mondog2k wrote: does the language have a map function or maybe even foreach?

latest post: kishore_reddy wrote: hi... the common control flow structures are supported ( if, else, ...

Calling a FluentScript defined function

first post: ChristianHGross wrote: I have been looking at the samples, and been looking at all of the...

latest post: christianhgross wrote: Do you have a reference on how I could call fluentscript?

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